Software Development Company in Kolkata

Software Development Company in Kolkata that endeavors on highly proficient, timely delivered, and budget-friendly software for your business. We are well experienced in software development and project management system. We can develop both product-based software and customized software. software is nothing but sets of code that can understand the system and execute the coding as per instruction.

What is product based software?

A software which is developed by our experts by analysis of the market for a specific type of business. The final product of this software can be used for multiple businesses by updating their needs only. It will take less time to implement for your business. But you have to use the features of this software only. But we are sure, the software which will be developed for a specific business or service will be full fill all the needs. Before implementation, you can discuss with a Software development company in Kolkata briefly. They can guide you properly. There are many software firms in Kolkata that are available to provide such types of software services.

What is customized software?

Customized software is nothing but it is requirement based software that is developed as per the requirement of the business. It is fully user-friendly. You can add all the features as per your requirement. Technical persons are not needed to handle this software. Only reading and understanding capacity is needed for smooth monitoring. It is perfect for small and medium businesses.

From where you should take Software service in Kolkata?

There are many Software development companies in Kolkata as well as many Software firms in Kolkata available for SAAS. You should verify to such a concerned authority whether they are outsourcing the software or their own development. Always you should prefer the Software development company which is developing the software by it's own programming because they can debug the problem very fast. Apart from this, they can give 5 start support to your software users due to being familiar with the language. Because software is nothing but sets of code that can understand the system and execute the coding as per instruction. So always choose the best Software Development Company in Kolkata or Software Development Firm in Kolkata.

Being GOSPEEDY is one of the leading software companies in Kolkata, we provide software solutions to industries such as car rental, tours & travels, E-commerce, online Education Training and exams, property management, and Real-estate at the best value as per the requirement of our clients. Whatever be your software requirement, we have the solution. Also, our experienced and well-trained developers are able to develop B2B, B2C, and ERP for any kind of business from small to large.

Why Choose Us?

We don’t boost, but we are the best software development company in Kolkata. Why so? We do not believe in quantity we love the quality.
We developed your software according to the SDLC model.
We have an experienced developer team.
We have experienced business strategists.

Our business strategist gathers all the business information from customers through a brief discussion with customers. After that our project head designed DFD for software and discuss it with you for your best clearness. Then we start our coding. Apart from 3rd party API, all total coding is used on our own. So that it will rise the life period of your software along with smooth running. After testing, we deliver the Software to our customers. Our supporting system is fine and GOSPEEDY is well known in the market for it’s supporting system nowadays.