History of Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy, is also commonly considered as the 'Paris of the East' as there's a unique amalgamation of colorful cultures, styles, coupled along with numerous forms of industries as well as politics. This heart of Bengalis, Kolkata gained importance in the times of British rule as it had been the capital of India till the year 1912. At present, it is the capital of West Bengal instead of India’s capital and is one of the most important cultural workshop & industrial center.

IT growth in Kolkata

The purpose of Service Development is to introduce new services and its essential initiatives for business growth. Service Development takes input from-

  • Business projects
  • Concept development
  • Key users
  • Service integration
  • And carries out all the development efforts either as projects or individual changes.

All are important for the development needs which are coming from the business and also continuously develop new digital business opportunities. The Service Managers of IT Service development in Kolkata have a crucial role in proactive development within services.

The Designed Service is used to improve the user satisfaction level regarding the services and also it can help to manage as well as deliver the services in the most efficient way.