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Do you remember Titanic? The Titanic movie, where the ship drowned!

When the ship was sinking, the band in there continued to play. The retailers in today’s world are just like the band. 

Right from day one when WHO declared the pandemic of Covid 19 there is a sudden rise in everything’s cost. People sitting at home have found their way out online, either they are doing their business online or opening a youtube channel for some extra income. 

We feel it safe to be online and offline seems to us like a virus immerging. So, while staying online if you can do your business in the right manner then what’s wrong with it? Thinking this most of the businesses are coming online. But most of the businesses are not getting wings, why is that happening? 

  • They do not have any idea as to how to enhance online business. 
  • SEO plays a very big role in boosting online business. Bad SEO ruins it. 
  • Lower Customer attracting quality. 

Just going to an eCommerce website design company in Kolkata and getting a website designed won’t help if you do not know the tactics of how to maintain it and generate revenue from it. 

So here are the Challenges that an eCommerce website design company face while they start: 

1. The Security Issue: 

Whenever it comes to online business dealing then the business that is opening a site in the online platform has to face many security issues because many of its financial issues are linked with it. Many a time the hackers take advantage of the business those who do not have a clear idea about this. This brings huge disaster to their business and they feel that online platform is not safe. But this happens because of our lack of knowledge and not securing our online business platform. 

2. The Identity Verifications: 

When your customer is coming to buy from you online, then how will you know that the person is genuine or not? The only thing you can do is take his or her identity verification. This is a very important step when something is bought or sold online. This guarantees you that your customer is genuine and it won’t be a problem If you sell him or her the product. 

This helps in enhancing your business later on and also gives you insight into what your customer likes and what you must suggest him or her to buy. 

3. Getting the Right traffic flow in:

Not all the traffic that passes by your website will buy from you. Some will just come and go and some will be genuinely interested. Your target audience is those who buy from you. You have to do something that your business gets promoted mainly to those right traffic. Now many businesses are opening their platform online so the customers are also getting a lot of options to choose from, so you must do something that your profitable customers come to you and goes nowhere else. 

4. The Experience of the Customer: 

What your customer is experiencing matters. You might think that from your side you are doing the best and you are giving everything that your customer needs. But you are not in front of them you do not know their choice. So, you have to increase then choices so that the customer can choose what they like from there. Then the customer’s experience from your shop would be better and they will tend to return to you again and again. 

You must have some providence so that you can personalize their choices and can enhance their search results. 

5. The Loyalty of the Customer: 

Your customer will be loyal to you when you will give the best things at a reasonable rate. When they will understand that you are not unnecessarily taking from them and giving them nothing in return. So, in certain buys, if you give discounts, coupons, free then you will see that your customer's experience is so good with you that they will tend to return to you again. 

Big e-commerce companies like Myntra, Amazon, Nykka all follow this golden rule. 

6. Getting traffics to Buy:

If you want your traffics to buy from you then you have to be very much tactful. First, know what is trendy and what are people wishing for these days. Once you have an idea of what people wish for and how you can provide them that, then you will see that most of the traffic that enters your site is buying from you. They are feeling that what you are saying is right and they do need the thing in their regular life. Then they will soon buy from you that and you will be at profit always. 

7. Analysis of the Competitors:

A good businessperson always knows their competitors. They know what their competitors are doing and how they can challenge them. Knowing their moves and tactics they take steps and make a plan. This gives them greater insight into the business and helps them grow their business. You must also be a step ahead of your competitor and think before they have already thought and done it. Only then you can grow and your business will also grow. 

8. The Shipping and Price issue:

Many of the customers fear buying online because of their shipping and price issues. Many think that whether the thing will be rightly shipped to them or not. Whether their money and time will be wasted or not. But if your company can guarantee them that their price and shipping will be rightly taken care of then they will keep on returning to you and buy from you every time 

9. The Refund and Return Policy:

You must also have a proper eye towards 

your return and refund policy. You must know that if your customer doesn’t like a thing after buying then they will tend to return it and get their refund. This is very important that you give a proper eye towards the return and refund policy. You must stick by it and allow your customers a proper experience when they buy from you. 

10. Choose the Right Technology Partner: 

Last but not least you must always choose the right technology partner for your website building and maintenance. They are the backbone of your online business. They do everything to enhance your online experience. So that you can sell well and your customers can buy from you in the right manner. So, when you choose the company from where you will take the technical support you must be very careful. Never make a mistake in that then you will see that your online business is going on in full swing. You will also gain a lot of profit from that online eCommerce business.

So, before you visit an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata get these points in your head and then reach out to them so that you get the better output. Challenges will be many but the solution will be just one, you need to be very much intelligent to catch hold of that solution and get it done properly.