This is GenX and this is the era of computers. If you are not tech-savvy then you are lagging and you are not fit for this world, this is the truth and you must accept this. What we have seen and experienced online past year is the only option and offline is secondary. If you are not visible online then you are not visible anywhere. If people do not know you online then people do not know you anywhere. So, make sure that you are online, your business is online and your office is online. You will have to accept this new rule and this new way of life and it is high time you accept it. If you stay with your old school thoughts now then it won’t help you or your business in any manner. So, think as you should think at the present times and make proper plans. 

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 It is the time of social media interaction. It is the time of understanding that your customers are not just the people who come to your shop and you know them personally. It is a time of being global. Your customers can be anyone. They can be from any part of the world. So, Social media is your biggest platform to interact with your customers and making them know about your business properly. The concept of social media marketing is very important for you to understand. If you are still not brushed up with the concept then you should do it now. 

It is not a difficult thing but a very easy concept. If you try to learn it or know it then easily you will understand it. If you avoid it then you might never know or understand it. So, without any delay for the sake of upgrading your business and for the sake of taking your business to the next level please learn as well as understand the social media platform and then take it to the next level. 

Here we will try to tell you certain points by following those you can take your first step regarding interacting with your online customers through social media. You might have a good website design but if you are not active on social media then you are doing nothing. 

Customer service should be best: 

You must always be on the lookout so that you can provide them the best customer service. If the customer comes to you they must go back getting something. They must not feel that you are a waste of time. If this is maintained properly then you will see that your online business and customers will increase efficiency. That is why customer service should be best and at par with the need of your customer. 

Reply fast: 

Your customer may try to interact with you through messages and calls, you must reply to them immediately. If you do not reply to them immediately then they will think that you do not care for them. Once they start to think that you do not care for them, then they will not be eager to buy from you or talk to you when they require something. They will think you do not care for them and they will stop caring for your business. It’s all about being intimate with your customers through social media. Digital Marketing in Kolkata is now very fast and very well established take their help. 

Personal communication: 

The personal communication that you establish with your customer makes the biggest difference that your customer will love and feel connected to. If you can’t establish that communication then your customer will never feel connected with you. Now when your customer does not feel connected with you they will not feel the urge to buy from you. They will think you do not understand them and they will search for someone who can understand their needs and help them through. 

Reviews and responding: 

When the reviews and responses come, then both the customers as well as the seller that is you feel good. You feel enriched with the reviews and your customers feel enriched with the response. So, the reviews and responses must go hand in hand. They must be together. They must never be out of the way and this is the most important thing to do. An online business has its base as the reviews and responses. If these are going hand in hand then the business is running properly. 

Brand Awareness:

The awareness of the brand must be spread vastly. If the awareness of your brand is not spread vastly then not many people will know about it and not many people will buy from you. So, the awareness of the brand must spread vastly. For that, you will have to post your videos, your posts, etc. about your brand online. Once that is done then there is nothing more to worry about. 

Do not just talk business: 

Never just talk about your business online. You must also interact with your customers regarding their good and bad, regarding their problems and worries. If you can get personal with them then you will see that they will tell you about their needs and problems, they will tell you about what they expect from your business, this is a good way to keep your customer to you and not letting your competitors take them away. 

Product Updates:

You must always update about your products online. If your business has launched something new then do not just keep it offline, always update about it online. If you do so then you will see that you are customers those who can’t avail your offline shop are also getting excited, they are thinking that you are giving them importance too and they will surely like to buy from you and feel happy to be with you. So, always give an update about your products online. 

Know your customer's likes and dislikes:

You must always have a keen eye on the likes and dislikes of your customers. You must always understand what they want and how they react to something. When you have that knowledge then you can also avail them what they want. This is a very good thing and you must maintain a database where a computerized program know what is the size your customer prefer, what is the type of dress your customer like etc. Every detail of your customer must be known to you. That is very important. 

Reward them: 

Who doesn’t like rewards? Everyone does like rewards. Everyone loves to get a gift. This is very important that a business house rewards their customer online. It makes your customers get involved with you. They feel that if they interact they will be rewarded. So, always plan something and in a significant manner reward your customers and give them small gifts, publish their name, etc.  

When you are online make your social network strong. If you are socially popular then you will see people will love to avail from you. They will interact and they will surely buy from you.