The website plays a very important role for any kind of business. First, we should know some basic information about websites because many people think that making the cost of a website is very high along with hectic documentation.

What is a website?

A website is nothing but it is a medium through which we can represent our business online. On the other hand, some people say that it is a medium for sharing information about a business. But think it is the virtual form of the business that shares the information, sells the products, and collects the customer’s information in the digital field.

What are the main things to live the website online?

Mainly domain and hosting are the two main things to make a website online.

What is domain and how we can get it?

The domain is nothing but simply a name that addresses the website means like the registration of the name of a newborn baby through which he/she is identified. But there is a little difference between domain registration and child registration. The name of the child or human may be the same in the world but the domain name will be unique in the world means it can’t be registered same domain name twice or more. This is happen because of the different registration systems. Mainly domain is registered from only one domain name server (DNS) for all over the world so that duplicity is identified in real time.

For example:-

Suppose the domain name is registered in Kolkata, is registered in Delhi, is registered in Washington.

In this case, if we want to register the domain name for another place then it is not possible. But keep in mind and these two domains are not the same, So that these two domains will be registered from DNS.

The domain which is available in the DNS can be registered from everywhere. It does not matter whether purchase through a branded company, large company, or small company. But yes, positively the price may be varied from company to company. We can get technical support quickly from the branded company for their systematic service. We should keep in mind all domains are controlled and registered by only one DNS all over the world.

Is it mandatory to renew the domain every year?

Yes, It is mandatory to renew the domain every year. We can renew the domain for many years at a time. Also, it is possible to purchase the domain for many years.

Is it possible to purchase a registered domain?

No, it is not possible to purchase the registered domain. We can transfer our ownership or transfer the registered domain to our account by following some formalities. But it fully depends on the owner of the registered domain.

What is a hosting server and how I can take hosting for the website?

The hosting server stores all the files (data) of the website. When the domain is loading it is pointing to the hosting server and the website is loading from that server. But before that name server should be the hosting server where files are stored.

How many types of hosting servers are available?

There are three types of servers are available for hosting such as shared hosting, virtual private server(VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting. All these servers are secured.

May I know if the hosting charge is for one time?

Yea you can purchase hosting for many years or renew it every year.

These are the basic knowledge about the domain and hosting but it is very important to design and develop your website professionally. Because a professional website can represent your products and information clearly and smartly which can motivate the customers towards your products. There are too many professional website companies are available in Kolkata which can design your website properly according to the business. Finding out a Website Design Company in Kolkata is not a vital issue because website design companies are available in all corners of Kolkata. But it is very difficult to find out the best website design company in Kolkata. It right there are too many website design companies are available in Kolkata but many of them have experienced and talented designing and developing teams who can design and develop the website properly. The web development company in Kolkata can collect the data of customers easily through the website. Except for e-Commerce websites, normally two types of websites are available in the market such as static websites and dynamic websites. But the normal users or customers can see the same on both types of websites. Now mobile users are more than the system in India. So that website should be responsive for loading properly on the mobile. The feature of a dynamic website is little more than a static website. You can update your required data from the back end (admin panel) independently whereas you have to supply the required data to your web developer for updating your website. So that, they can take updating charge. But the design and development cost of the static website is lesser than the dynamic website.

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