Both website and SEO are very important to every business for the online platform. The website plays a vital role to represent the business online properly whereas SEO boost it’s position in Google ranking. Many technical things have to implement for these both services for the best performance. We will discuss it later but we should think a lot about website and SEO at first.

Why do we need a website for our business?

Now the online market is rapidly growing in India and abroad. Most probably the growth of the online market is the highest in India from the last 5 years. There are more customers and users on the online platform. Hence digital marketing is the only medium to maximize the selling of any products. The website is known as the root of digital marketing like the root of a tree. The website is nothing but it’s a structural form of any business which represents the business on the online platform or digitally. According to the need of the business, there are too many types of websites are developed in the market such as:-

1. Static Website:- The static website is a website that is designed and developed according to the need of a business. All parts of this website are fixed. If any updates need in the future then the website designer or developer can update it by updating the script only. So, it is suitable for such types of businesses that do not need frequent updates at regular intervals. Third-party API and payment gateway can be integrated with this website but it is not possible to take payment dynamically. There is no other user panel except the front end.

2. Dynamic Website:-  The dynamic website is a website that is used not only for represents the business but also is fully flexible for the users to update their required data at any time. The web designer and developer implement the website according to the need of the business. There will be multiple users panel in the dynamic website for customers and admin. At least an admin panel is mandatory for all dynamic websites through which the business owner can update their service, products, gallery, video, contact details, and many more according to their need. API along with payment gateway can be integrated with this website. So that customers can make the online transaction for booking their required service. The dynamic value or data can be fetched whenever it is needed. This type of website is suitable for medium and large business which needs to update price and other data frequently.

3. E-Commerce website:- E-Commerce website is one type of dynamic website through which we can make our shopping according to our needs by following some steps systematically. On the other hand, you can say an e-commerce website is a shopping website that represents the shop digitally. We can display all the products of our shop online on an e-Commerce website. Most more than 90% of e-Commerce website has both cash-on-delivery (COD) and online payment system. As a result, they can purchase their needy things with multiple payment systems as per their comfort ability. At least 2 user panels are needed to implement for an e-commerce website i.e admin panel, customer panel. Many e-Commerce websites have 3 user panels i.e admin panel, staff pane, and customers panel. Admin can monitor their customers from the admin panel along with they can update products, product details, and prices at any time. Apart from this, they can manage their order system from the admin panel. Similarly, customers can track their orders from their panel. Apart from this, they can cancel and return their order at any time according to terms & conditions. For more details, you can visit here.

How does SEO help a website?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization which identifies as the optimization of the search engine means, if we search the service of a website in a search engine then it displays the website in the upper rank. After making a website online it doesn’t get indexing immediately. Generally, it takes one week to 3 months for indexing the website, but it completely depends on the coding optimization. More optimization code will get a higher rank for indexing. Many technical things have to keep in mind for better SEO. There are too many SEO tools are available in the market to analyze the SEO techniques. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are useful for better results but we have to follow many techniques and Google algorithms. If we use an SEO service for a website then it will get priority for upper ranking. Now SEO is very important for a website because it can raise the traffic of the website. As a result, there is more chance to maximize the selling price due to raising the number of customers. Now, India is the largest online market in the world. India is a developing country. Now more than 95% young generation and more than 70% middle age peoples are aware of the android phone and laptops. So that they are familiar with the online services. Hence they prefer to make their shopping online due to their busy schedule. Apart from this if they need any unknown service, they take help of the Google search for getting information about the services. Most internet users don’t like to search after the 2nd page of the Google search. So that, SEO is very important for a website. A website without SEO is just like a car without petrol. For more details, you can visit here.

Who can develop your website properly for SEO service?

There are many website design companies available in Kolkata that have a team of website designers, graphics teams, development teams, and SEO analysts who can develop a professional website properly. But many website design companies in Kolkata are money oriented and many of them are service motive means they give first priority to their service. Always they try to make a website by full filling all the needs of customers. We should remember a professional website can represent the products or services professionally online which can attract more and more customers like a well-designed shop attracts customers more. An experienced and professional team can develop a large website so simply. As a result, customers can be making their shopping easily with minimum time. Code optimization is a very important factor for SEO services. If coding is not optimized then your website may be hampered from getting an upper ranking. Similarly, the speed of a website and full site optimization helps SEO for getting privilege in Google. Apart from this, mobile responsiveness is also a very important factor for SEO service.

The experienced and talented SEO analyst or SEO provider can guide the developer team properly during the development time. As a result, all the necessary technical parts will be developed properly for SEO service. So, the website will get the better and better privilege. The SEO companies in Kolkata guide their customers properly along with their professional team. There are too many SEO service providers are available in Kolkata who has many years of experience in SEO services. The best website design company in Kolkata always prefer to re-modify the thinking of their customers for better suggestion. Hence there is a maximum chance to minimize the bounce rate of the website. Always we should remember the website is the primary medium to boost the business digitally.

Honestly, I am saying you can show the SEO result within 2 months means in the 1st page of Google search by applying only backlinking generation. Many SEO companies in Kolkata are providing such types of service now. You will be happy with your result quickly but your website will be damaged for future use because of full depends on 3rd party only. The generation of back linking randomly is the temporary result for SEO service. These types of SEO service providers are available in Kolkata. But the best SEO company in Kolkata always gives first priority to getting upper ranking by applying both On-page SEO and off-page SEO. They always prefer Onpage SEO more for raising the ranking. Apart from this, they take care about the such medium from where your website will get direct and indirect traffic more. They provide SEO services in Kolkata within budget

Is it possible to make more traffic without SEO?

Yes, it is possible to make more traffic without SEO. There are too many online platforms are available in the online market through which we can raise the traffic of a website instantly. Many of them are Google Adword, GMB branding, Fb lead, and many more. But for this service advertisement cost is needed from the service provider platform. Your ad will perform or represents the customers till the advertisement cost is available. Once the balance will finish then, the ad will be stopped automatically. This service will raise the traffic immediately. But this cost is much higher than SEO.

Conclusion:- It is very difficult to take part in the competition of the online market without SEO. A website without SEO behaves like a car without petrol. So, the relationship between a Website and SEO is very compact with each other for raising the traffic of a website. Both website and SEO play a very important role in making better traffic and upper Goole ranking. Apart from this website will get an upper ranking for other search engines also like yahoo, bing, etc.