Before I drive into the blog let's have a closer look on the total Smartphone usage ration of 2020.

When you see the chart and the ratios you get a clear idea that due to Pandemic the smartphone users have increased to a huge rate in 2020. When you see the chart and the ratios you get a clear idea that due to Pandemic the smartphone users have increased to a huge rate in 2020.

When everything stopped the online world rose. It came as a boon to so many industries, may it be education, business, offices or health care. To access this online world we only have two options, either:


Today in this blog we will try to analyze how browsers or app are best in their own way. We are not tending to defame any but what we are trying to do is enhance the pros of both. Then it will be left up to you to choose.


Let’s see how many people use Mobile App:

Yes, the ration is clear and even you know this. I am sure you must be reading this blog on your mobile using an app. 10% might read on other devices. But 90% of the people use apps to do their daily necessary works online.

Why should you choose app?

#Just a Click Away:

Whatever you want is just a click away with an app. With a proper well developed app on your mobile you stay much more active and energized with your work. 50% of people want apps because it makes their like easier. People are running short of time and when time crunch matters then app comes as a savior.

#Choose and Use:

You need to just go to the app choose what facility you want from it and use it. You do not need to write long tail key words and feel depressed. Everything is set you just need to use on the go.

#Preset Facilities:

The mobile app development company who knows how to do the work properly they preset all the facilities so that not even a second of your valuable time gets wasted and you get your work done easy.


Now let’s see how are Website important?

This flower like graph show you that how websites are important. Now if you want to know how websites are important for your business then here it is.

# Online Permanent Address:

Your business now gets an online permanent address. Anyone from anywhere can access your business. Your offline popularity now comes online and you can display a lot of features through it.

# People can find you anytime:

A proper mobile website design is very important. It gives you that security and that proper enhanced design that is needed for your BUSINESS. Anytime people can find you anywhere online. This is very important.

# Enhanced Security:

Your security gets enhanced when you get a proper secure website designed from a good website development company. This gives you enhanced facilities and proper knowledge. Your customers also like your growth and try to avail you more.


Your choice in 2021 matters and you need to choose what you want. So, now it is upto you what you want choose app or website and let your business grow.