Why do we open a website? What is the importance of a website? How does it help our purpose? 

If these are the questions that are lingering in your mind, then here is the answer. This blog will answer all your general questions about a website. Why should you open a website, how does it help your business and how can you make your website known to people. These are very important questions to be answered. If we get the answers to such questions now then there will be no problem or no stone unturned to survive in this computerized world. We are no more offline. With blow, we are all online now. Our life is no more going at the same speed it is 2 or 3 x faster. With the inception of covid 19, we all got locked in our homes, in our rooms. In that closed place, the only thing that became our best friend was a laptop, a desktop, mobile, or anything that helped us be online. So we must not forget the importance of being online. Whether it is school, college, office or business online is now our best friend. We do not go to malls anymore rather we go online shopping. A good SEO company in Kolkata helps you know it all. You must always take their help. 

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Therefore, if you have a business website online then you would like to know how to enhance its visibility online. What to do to bring in traffic through that online website? 

Here is what you can do: 

SEO the audit must be carried out: 

If you are online then you would surely know about SEO. SEO is a very important factor to survive online. If you do not have a good SEO then you can’t flourish online. That is why SEO audit is very important. It tells you whether your SEO is performing well or not. If your SEO 

is not being able to find the correct keyword, or if your SEO is unable to tell you what steps you must take to improve the performance of your website the SEO audit will correct it all.  

A site map must be created : 

Many of the websites do not know what is the importance of a site map. You must have a proper idea of a site map. You must know what are its work. A site map helps your website to be indexed and pointed that yes your website is here and it is marked and known. A good and proper developer of your website will do it all during the time of preparing your website. So, a site map is very important to be created. You must always take the help of proper SEO service in Kolkata.  

Mobile friendly website: 

Now people are using a smartphone. Each and everyone has a smartphone in their hands and they are surfing it and seeing everything. So If your website is not mobile-friendly and if you are not taking the effort to make it mobile-friendly then you are doing a great blunder. You must never do this mistake because this will ultimately lead you and your website to disaster. No one will always open the desktop or laptop to see your website. If it is mobile friendly only then people will see it properly. 

Long-tail keyword: 

Many of us do not know the importance of the long tail keyword. It is a very important thing and it enhances your site’s visibility too. If you are not understanding it now, then you must make the effort to understand it immediately. A long-tail keyword makes extra effect or puts extra importance on your website’s priority. It helps your website be what it should have been. Or what it deserves. You may not understand it now, but it is a very important factor.  

Engaging Content: 

People always loved to read or see interesting things. If your contents are interesting and people love to read it then you will get huge traffic automatically. It is sometimes said that content is king. There is a very important reason behind it. Only if your website’s content is great and nice then people come to your website and feel happy. But if your content is not properly checked and full of mistakes, then no one will like to read your content and understand it well. So, make your content engaging. That is very important.  

Engaging image: 

In the online platform, people do not know you. People know you by what you post. So, if you are posting images and those are very much engaging then people will like to engage themselves with the image and repost it again and again. This will enhance the importance of your website and your website will get popular immediately. So, tell your graphic designer to make the images much more engaging and amazing.  

Proper use of Social Media: 

You must make proper use of Social Media. If you want your website to be at the top and if you want your website to be known to all, then proper use of social media is very important. If you use social media in the right manner, then you will see that your website is gaining immense popularity. Gear up the importance of the social media posts about your website. Then you will see that your website is greatly benefited.  

People’s engagement: 

You must engage with people online. Your posts your content and your online behavior will help it to get done. So, Whenever you come online and engage with your traffic make sure it is a happy event. People must feel happy through it.  

Your best friend is a very good SEO in Kolkata you must always take their help and know whether they can help you improve your website in a better manner. These are the best method to give a website a boost online. If your website gets boosted and features in the online platform then you will see how your website is drawing proper traffic.