First, we should know e-Commerce business is nothing but selling and purchasing goods on the online platform. On the other hand, we can say an e-commerce website is a shop for displaying the products with the best prices which are open 24 hours on the online platform. The customers can go to the shop at any time by the minimum labor with the help of the internet. Like a physical shop, an e-Commerce business can provide all the facilities to its customers.

For example:- When we go to the shop we follow the following steps to complete our shop –

Step1 - We ask and see our required product.

Step2- Compare the products with other brands of similar products.

Step3- Compare the prices and offers.

Step4- After the final selection of the product we give money to the shopkeeper. Payment may be given by cash or online payment.

All these above steps are available on the e-Commerce website. We can purchase our goods by making online payments and cash on the delivery system. Now many e-Commerce websites are providing EMI facilities to their customer for their better comfortability instead of maximizing their sales. Really, it treats like a monthly customer of a physical shop who makes payment after completion of the month only but they make their shopping throughout the month.

Like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, an e-Commerce website has some advantages and disadvantages for both business owners and customers. Some of them are discussed below.

From the business owner’s angle –

There are some advantages of the business owner such as.

  1. Reduce manpower- It reduces the manpower who are appointed to supply goods (sells man), accountants, etc. The business owner can take maintenance at a minimum charge to guide them at any moment.
  2. Relax from rent – The business owner can be relaxed from the rent of their shop because the minimum rent is needed for an e-Commerce website annually for hosting and domain renewal.
  3. Can sells 3rd party products – The owner of an e-Commerce website can sell product of the 3rd party directly. As a result, he/she can minimize the cost of transportation, storeroom, and main power.
  4. Can make better business Strategies – As the business owner can watch their competitor online he/she can make better planning to maximize their profit.
  5. Chance to get more customers – As the e-Commerce website on the online platform, we expect the site will be surfed by more people at a time or daily basis. So that there is a chance to get more customers.
  6. Collect more customers data – Except for any kind of sensitive data the owner can collect more data from customers along with their feedback on the products. Hence it helps to make the business strategy.
  7. Give multiple offers – The e-Commerce business owner can give multiple offers to different customers as per marketing policy.
  8. Fund arise – By online payment the selling price is credited to the account of the business owner before 1-2 days of despatch the products. As a result, the owner can collect funding which helps the business.
  9. 7Day X 24hrs shop open – Shop opens for 7Day X 24hrs. It may be hampered for a short period if any technical problems will occurred.  

Some disadvantages may occur as follows –

  1. Need a system to operate – Yes the system is needed to operate the e-Commerce website it may be an android mobile phone or computer.
  2. Technical knowledge needed – Yes, minimum technical knowledge is needed to operate the website.
  3. Payout problem - This type of problem occurs rarely but it is an unnecessary headache.
  4. Payment issue – If any kind of payment-related issue from the customers’ end then it is a little difficult to solve the problem. But an experienced and professional e-Commerce development company in Kolkata can develop it perfectly and can identify the problem easily.
  5. Delivery issue – Sometimes the business owner can face delivery-related issues but it will be solved by following some systematic steps as the business owner is fully dependent on the delivery partner to deliver their goods to the destination.
  6. Time taken to solve complaints – It takes maximum time to solve the problem as the number of customers is high.
  7. Other issues – Customers may cancel the order again and again. In this case, the business owner should prepare the cancellation policy stronger. Similarly, take care of the return policy.
  8. Can face fake billing – Many customers can claim the business owner by providing fake Bills because there are many hackers available in the digital field. In these cases, the technical team of your e-Commerce development company can help you very much.

From the customer’s angle –

There are some advantages for the customers such as.

  1. Visit multiple shops – Customers have a better option to visit multiple shops at a time.
  2. Better products with the best price – Customers can purchase better products with the best price as they can search multiple e-Commerce websites before purchasing their goods.
  3. Time-saving – Customers can save their time by purchasing goods online.
  4. Better payment system – Customers can purchase goods for everywhere by making payments online. Means, Suppose the customer wants to purchase something for my family who is living in the other place and the customer is at another place.
  5. Can purchase at any time – Customers can purchase goods at any time.
  6. Can return the product – Customers can return products after receiving final orders.
  7. Easy to purchase the costly product – Now many e-Commerce websites give EMI facility. So that, customers can purchase costly products easily.

 Some disadvantages may occur for a customer as follows –

  1. Wrong product delivery – Customers may get the wrong product by mistake.
  2. Payment issue – If there will any technical problems Payment may be done without purchasing the right product.
  3. Lick of sensitive data - There is a chance to lick your sensitive data like the data of credit card or debit card because there are many fake websites available on the online platform. So that customers should verify the website before providing sensitive data.
  4. Delivery problem – May delay to deliver the goods.

The future of the e-Commerce business in India is bright for the businessman because India is gradually developing in the digital field. The population of India is very high(around 138 crores) nowadays. The population of the maximum state of India has higher than many countries. Hence India is the biggest marketplace in the world. It’s sure we need a laptop, desktop, MacBook, or android phone to purchase goods from an e-commerce website online. But the Government of India is providing skill development programs to the pupils and the people of all categories in India free of cost for making a digital India. Hence more than 85% peoples of India have the knowledge to operate a laptop, desktops, and android phones. The present statistical report states that more than 60 % peoples of India have at least two phones with them including an android phone and more than 39% peoples of India have at least one android phone. Hence the total numbers of android users in India are higher than the total numbers of many countries. Apart from this most of the people in India prefer to purchase goods online for their daily needs. So, there is a huge chance to get more and more customers day by day if your e-Commerce website will run smoothly. Honestly, I want to say that people from the rural area of India also prefer to purchase their goods online from an e-Commerce website now because they can purchase their goods from many big cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many more. So that the future of e-Commerce websites is very bright in India.

Now question is that "who can make a perfect website that will run smoothly along with easy to handle system for both customers and the business owner?" There are many e-Commerce website development companies are available in India. All companies develop e-Commerce websites as per their strategic and technical standards. Like other cities in India, there are many e-Commerce website designing companies available in Kolkata who are well experienced in the e-Commerce field. The developing cost may be differed from company to company in Kolkata because of their working system. But the best e-Commerce website development company in Kolkata like to discuss you briefly before starting your work. It’s sure developing cost may be slightly higher but it will be kept in the customers’ estimate. Many e-commerce development companies in Kolkata prefer to do business honestly that’s why they like to discuss about the merit and demerits of the imagined e-Commerce business clearly before the final contract. A well optimized e-Commerce website will run smoothly on the digital platform. Not only it will run smoothly but also it will take part in the competition with competitors. It’s very to inform you that the support system should be fine for the e-Commerce website for both websites and customers. The best e-commerce development company in Kolkata has the ability to provide such types of services. It is a fact that the cost of e-Commerce website design and development in Kolkata is cheaper than in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. But you have to remember in mind “the e-commerce website design and development companies are not less than other cities in grounds of techniques”. They are also technically sound. So if you want to make an e-Commerce website design and development then you should take more time to find out a genuine and honest e-Commerce website design company in Kolkata. Because this e-Commerce website design and development company has an experienced and professional team who developed your project honestly and perfectly. Maybe they take more time to develop than others. But sure, you will get satisfaction to work with them. The experienced e-Commerce website design and development company in Kolkata keeps all the technical things for developing e-Commerce projects as per the business need.