With a proper strategy, one can break any unbreakable chain. Similar in case of SEO. With the right SEO strategy, you can actually give a positive hope to so many online businesses. But now the question is how to acquire the knowledge of being the best SEO company in Kolkata. To know it in details you will have to read the complete blog.


The strategy is right!

The percentage growth rate of different companies from low to high

The big brand names like Kolkata Bazar, Spencers, Daily Bazar and Big Basket have the best SEO working for them and that is why they are growing in such huge rate. The daily business that these companies do is huge. But once even they were a small company.

Then how did they grow?

  • They grew because they knew SEO is the backbone
  • They knew the market.
  • Maintained the graph.

So, here is your SEO strategy to give the best SEO service in Kolkata.

1. Remove that gears you down:

Analyze the website you are going to do SEO upon. See what are the things that are gearing down the website and now remove them instantly. Once you do this, you unknowingly complete 80% work of a good SEO.

2. Linking to other websites:

When you link up to other websites with the similar type of content, ultimately your website gains height. Just as here, we are linking a good Neil Patel blog here.

3. Write for Customers:

The SEO blogger shouldn’t write for business purpose only. They must always focus on the customers. This customer-focused attitude will lead to a great and best SEO strategy for business.